Die Stadt
Supernatural Thriller, 10x1-hour episodes
"I have forgiven, but my Shadow craves revenge". It's 1945, and Kurt - a German political emigre - comes back from the exile to his German hometown where everyone has betrayed him. He is ready to forgive, but he has a Shadow – a dark doppelganger, who craves revenge.

This French-German series combine the period small-town drama with supernatural fantasy in the tradition of German romanticism.
The Whistleblowers
Political Thriller, 4-part mini-series
The winner of the 2016 German Scriptwriters's Guild (VDD) and Pro Sieben Sat. 1 Development funding competition
Alice, a member of the whistleblowing NGO, faces a choice – to accuse the organization's notorious leader of rape or to let him ruin the work she believes will one day save the world.

"Whisltleblowers" is a drama with thriller elements that explores ethical conflicts around today's "Politics of Leaks".
Psychological Thriller, 8x 1-hour episodes
A serial killer starts murdering women after failed relationships that started on Twitter. Alexandra exchanged her short haircut and police uniform for a blonde wig and high heels that the killer loves and begins her investigation. This pulls her into serious relationships with three men, each of whom might be a killer.

A mini-series in the style of "chick thrillers" with a shocking twist that deals with the nature of gender roles.
The Beck Children
Supernatural Drama, 8x 1-hour episodes

A new children's disease – the "BECK SYNDROME" - has been discovered just 5 years ago, and is still a mystery to parents, doctors, and scientists. An anonymous caller has taken 10 of the "Beck children" hostage and threatens to kill them and their parents, unless the public is told the truth about the danger they pose to the world. Will Fil - a cynical journalist - be able to find an answer to the mystery that hits too close to home?

"The Beck Children" is a realistic thriller with a dash of sci-fi, with pains of parenting at its heart.

by Katherina Gerothanasi, elena lybarskaya and Neil Ennever
The Big O
Comedy, 8 x half-hour episodes
When Jana, 37, admits to herself she has never had an orgasm, she joins a self-help group for people with sexual problems in her local community center. The group consists of people with strange - and often un-fulfillable - sexual desires and is known by an informal name "The Perverts". Through the series, we will observe Jana's struggle to unleash her sexual and human self while observing the struggles of other group members.

"The Big O" is an honest comedy that explores the issues of pleasure, intimacy, connection and climax and why it is so hard to achieve those in a society today.

Co-written with Raquel Stern
The 36
Supernatural drama, 12 x 1-hour episodes
"The 36" is a supernatural drama, set in the 18th century in a Jewish Shtetl and with motifs, inspired by Kabbalah, Dibbuk, Golem and other Jewish legends.

Every good Jew knows that God does not destroy the world because of the 36 "hidden righteous men" that exist in every generation. When a rabbi of the Jewish village is murdered, the young Yeshiva students learn of a serial killer who is trying to murder all 36 to destroy the world. They have to use the forbidden Kabbalah to fight him. This leads to many disasters and makes the village a playground for all Jewish demons imaginable...
"Anticipation" thriller , 8 x 1-hour episodes
"Oblivion" is set in the near future, where legal and illegal designer drugs are able to affect very precise aspects of the human mind.

Claude, a detective from the drug squad, rides the subway when an unknown intruder gives him an injection of an unknown substance. Now even doctors cannot say what is happening to Claude's mind and he has to investigate a new and deadly street drug while doubting everything he thinks and feels.

"Oblivion" explores the tricks of the human mind and human condition in a setting that might become our reality in just a few years.
Сo-written with Pierre Puget
Historical adventure , 10 x 1-hour episodes
At the dawn of WW2, three teams from four nations – Germany, Russia, UK and France – race against each other through the Himalayas in the dangerous quest for a mythical place: Shambhala.

None of them knows what Shambhala is and if it even really exists. But each team is ready to do anything to be the first one to discover it – for the sake of their nations, their pride and their secret personal hopes.

This show is a spy thriller which unfolds alongside mysterious events which make us question ourselves - do miracles exist? Is Shambhala real.

Elena Lyubarskaya
Icons by Nathan Driskell
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